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4 Healthy Habits To Keep You Healthy

Did you know that you have two different ages? Chronological age is but a number, yet there are some things you can in life that make your biological age increase or decrease. That is why two thirty year old women can stand side-by-side and look as if they were born decades apart. While science has yet to uncover ways to stay forever young, there are four healthy habits you can adopt to stay younger longer.

Here are those habits and some tips on how to make them work for you.

1. Eat more slowly.

Western society is often conditioned to scarf down meals in a short amount of time and get back to work, but it turns out that is not healthy for your body at all. A study found that when people eat fast, they also gain weight faster than those who chew more slowly. Part of the reason is that your body is often slow to react to fullness. Fast eaters overstuff themselves as a result.

2. Get plenty of sleep.

 The saying “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is signing you up for an early visit to the grave. Yes, that might be shocking, but nothing is more of a shock than what sleep deprivation does to your overall wellbeing. Without proper rest, the body will start to degenerate. The brain won’t be able to function. Hormones get imbalanced, and your immune systems weakens. You should be getting between 7-8 hours of sleep every single day. Otherwise, you will stress your system—and all that stress means premature aging.

3. Drink more water and avoid sugary drinks.

 Water is necessary for life. That is why about 70% of the human body is comprised of water, including your organs, skin, brain, and muscles. Rather than loading up on sugary beverages that are devoid of nutrition, you should be drinking more water throughout the day. Furthermore, a study found that those who drink water 30 minutes before a meal will eat less than those who don’t. After all, maintaining a hydrated body that is at a healthy weight is also part of staying younger longer.

4. Get outside—and away from pollution.

Did you know that the stale air in your office or home is loaded with contaminants that could be accelerating the aging process? That recycled air and unnatural light is doing you no favors. Whenever you can, get outside in a more natural place, whether it is taking a walk along a tree-lined street, visiting the beach, hiking in the mountains, doing a yoga retreat in the tropics, or even just riding a bike around the nearest park. You get exercise, a dose of Vitamin D, and will feel happier and more creative too.

Easy, right? These 4 habits are not overly complicated, but they might take some effort to include in your life if you are living the modern way. Remember, it is crucial for your health to slow down and live more in the moment. In short, if you eat well, move well, and sleep well, you will live well too!

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