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7 Causes of Vaginal Pain During Intercourse

7 Causes of Vaginal Pain During IntercourseSex and physical intimacy are some of the most important things that define the health of a relationship. Along with love, understanding and trust one needs sexual satisfaction as one of the pillars for the prolonged life of the relation. However, there are lot of situations and physical health problems that do no let you achieve the right goals and hamper the sexual results negatively.

Among the sexual problems and physical issues that women might have to face in this regard and which is completely different from the issues faced by men, vaginal pain during sexual intercourse is one of the most common ones.

You often might think why you are experiencing this pain when others are not. There can be a lot of reasons and causes attached to it. To help you broaden your horizons on what causes the pain, here is a guide. It lists down all the possible reasons attached to the crisis.

Causes Of Vaginal Pain During Intercourse

Vaginal Infections

One of the main causes that can be directly related to painful sex in women is that of vaginal infections.

Vaginal InfectionsYeast infection is one of the top reasons why women are not able to have a smoother and satisfying sex and nor able to provide complete satisfaction to their partners. This is quite a common and prevalent problem that persists in a lot of females in the population.


Another of the situations where women can actually experience vaginal pain during intercourse is the state of menopause.

MenopauseMenopausal women are known to get quite affected on the sexual front which affects their sex life in a negative manner. Pain in the vagina is one of them.

Uterus Problems

For women who suffer from uterus fibroids can experience vaginal pain in the case of deep intercourse. This is again one of the major causes which are seen in a lot of women nowadays.

Vaginismus Issues

This is one of the medical state in which women have spasms in the vaginal muscles. This is what leads to the pain in the area at the time of intercourse.

It is a spasm which is caused by mental issues like that of the fear of being hurt.

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Sexually transmitted diseases are quite a common term and one that all of us are aware about. Some of these diseases like herpes sores and genital warts can easily lead to situations where the women experiences pain in the vagina whenever there is an intercourse.

Ovaries Problem

Ovarian cysts are one of the prevalent issues in most of the women today because of the changing lifestyles. Well again, this is not only something that affects the conceiving and fertility factors in a woman but also one that can cause severe vaginal pain during intercourse.

Intercourse After Childbirth

For women who adhere to sexual intercourse almost immediately after child birth can definitely experience vaginal pain. It is one situation which is also valid for those who have recently has surgeries and is having sex.

These are the two situations when the vagina is quite sensitive and you might have pain while having sex.

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