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Hair Care Tips that Every Model Should Know

Keeping hair healthy when it has to go through all the challenges of modelling can be hard. Read on and you will learn some of the best-kept secrets to keeping your locks healthy and gorgeous every time!

Use Shampoo and Conditioner Correctly

Shampoo can cause your hair to get dry. Allow your hair some rest time between washes as much as you can. You would not want to remove all the natural oils from your hair by constantly washing them off. Shampooing two to three times a week should do the trick. When you shampoo and condition your hair, face forward so that it washes out in front of you. If you wash your hair back, the shampoo can clog the pores at the top of your back, giving you nasty back spots.

Make it a point though to get your hair conditioned regularly. For greasy hair, find a conditioner with less sulphate percentage in it. This will help get rid of the grease while ensuring that the hair does not become susceptible to damage.

Deep condition regularly

When your hair is constantly manipulated and styled, it becomes drier and coarser. A good way to counter this is to have more nutrients and vitamins deposited into the hair. Deep conditioning can easily achieve this. This will not only give your hair more moisture but also  more life. Slather your favourite conditioner on your hair from the roots to its tips. Then, proceed by sealing it with your preferred hair oil. This will help get the moisture locked in. Then, put a plastic bag or cap on your head for an hour before you totally rinse it.

Avoid using heat as much as possible

If you like to style your own hair, then it would do you good to avoid using heat way too much. Your hair is already getting subjected to such heated torture whenever you sit down in your stylist’s chair. Give it some respite when styling it yourself. Limit your personal style to protective ones such as Bantu knots, twist outs, ponytails, buns, and braid outs will help keep your hair healthier.

Damage prevention masks are lifesavers

If you are going for a shoot, do a damage prevention mask beforehand. This is done by getting your hair coated with your favourite hair butter or oil. Have it tied into a bun while allowing the hair strands and your scalp to absorb it. This is a good way of ensuring that your hair remains strong and healthy against the possible wear and tear caused by the endless tugging and teasing and drying that will take place soon after.

Being a model requires you to look good every time. This can never be achieved without your gorgeous locks and great skin. Diet is also important so avoid greasy food or fizzy drinks that can affect your hair and skin. Find out more on model agency websites and fashion magazines online.

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