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How NO2 Supplements Evolved

There is a whirlwind of bodybuilding supplements on the commercial market today. The production of these supplements is quite overwhelming, making the number incomparable to any other time in bodybuilding’s history. Bodybuilders now can take amino acid pills, creatine, protein supplements, weight gainer and so much more.

Although bodybuilding supplements have become a ‘must’ to every fanatical bodybuilder, it is still best to know more about these supplements before indulging yourself to them. So here are facts about NO2 supplements and how they can help you in your bodybuilding program. Read on.

Ephedrine – Ephedra – Caffeine Pre-Workout Supplements

The pre-workout supplementation is a branch of supplement science. In the past decade, the pre-workout supplementation was able to take a high leap forward. The first group of pre-workout supplement – which hit the bodybuilding world – include caffeine, ephedrine and aspirin. However, these early stacks were often deemed dangerous. Ephedrine was used earlier for fat loss, as well for a boost. Caffeine was also used for a boost and when these two were combined, plus the aid of aspirin for delivery – the combination proved to be an overnight success.

Unfortunately, people practising this sports started abusing such supplements. Ephedrine was changed to ephedra, its own herbal parent. Although ephedra has milder effects compared to ephedrine, it was still an effective stimulant. A number of the early batch of pre-workout supplements, as well as weight loss supplements, used ephedra to enhance their own products.

When ephedra became a banned pre-workout supplement and was removed from bodybuilding products, it was caffeine which took over its place and became the highly preferred stimulant. As a result, ephedra was replaced with extra caffeine in most bodybuilding products.

This might sound okay to those individuals who can tolerate caffeine, however this is quite a big problem for those caffeine sensitive persons. Then, creatine was made.

Creatine Pre-Workout Supplements

When creatine was made, it brought to it the promise of becoming the next best thing to the anabolic steroids. Although it wasn’t able to live up to the hype that steroids was able to generate, creatine did give some solid and remarkable results to its users. Creatine became the newest pre-workout supplement of choice.

Supplement companies then created improvements, which lead to the production of nitric oxide (creatine’s changed form plus a number of other ingredients).

NO2 Supplements

Nitric oxide is the result of the breakdown of the natural amino acid called arginine. Studies show that nitric oxide (NO) is capable of improving nerve signals and of increasing the blood flow of the body. Both these major benefits are important in bodybuilding and are used as an ingredient for NO2 supplements. Right now there are many good nitric oxide supplements to choose from, but right now I prefer a no2 supplement that contains creatine, some caffeine for energy, bcaa’s, and NO2. Right now I would recommend Musclespeed for a good pill version of no2 and also, NO Zero by Cellucor for the best powder version. The amount of NO2 that is supplied in both of these products are sufficient enough in shuttling nutrients into blood stream in order to promote muscle growth.

There is a lot on the net about NO Xplode but quite frankly, that product was one of the pioneers of NO2 products and since then many more supplements have been created that are much better.

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