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How To Tell If Your Dentures Fit Properly Or Poorly

Dentures are the most common and more affordable solution for missing teeth. Most people who wear dentures are those of the retiring age because they have lost more than a couple of teeth, there are also a few people who belong to the younger age bracket. No matter how old you are, if you are wearing dentures they need to fit your mouth properly or they can be very uncomfortable.

While the best dentist Arlington has can check to see if the dentures are the correct fit, as you wait for your next dental appointment, here are some signs that indicate you need your dentures refitted:

Sign #1: Slipping

Perfectly fitted dentures are supposed to stay in place especially when you are eating and talking. An occasion slip might happen when you sneeze, but the slips should not be a frequent occurrence. Not only can that be embarrassing, but it can also lead to difficulty in talking and eating.

If you notice that your dentures are slipping out of their position, you might need to get them realigned or even replaced.

Sign #2: Sore Formation

Dentures are supposed to feel comfortable when worn, but if they do not fit properly, this will cause some pain, discomfort, and even the formation of sores around the mouth and gums. This is a result of the dentures frequently moving around without actually slipping off. The constant friction on the gums and mouth results in a sore that can be mildly annoying to very painful.

Get those ill-fitting dentures replaced right away or risk feeling a lot of pain, even while eating soft foods.

Sign #3: Constant Pain

Before the sore can form you will also feel constant pain where you wear the poorly-fitted dentures. Just like the sore, the constant movement of the loose dentures can hit your gums can cause pain. However, dentures that are too snug will also cause a lot of pain because it creates an uneven bite which subjects some parts of the mouth to more pain while chewing.

Both loose and snug dentures must be replaced before the pain increase. The best dentist Arlington locals rely on can easily fit you with new once to ensure they fit properly and will no longer cause any pain.

Sign #4: Having Trouble Eating

When wearing dentures makes it hard for you to enjoy most of your favorite foods, that is a clear sign that they fit your mouth poorly. What are dentures if you can chew your food properly while wearing them?

Sign #5: Food Particles Everywhere

It is normal to find some food particles stuck on your dentures when you finish eating, but having too much means it is not creating the proper seal. While you might not feel any discomfort or pain while using the fake teeth, having issues with cleaning them is also a sign that they do not fit your mouth properly.

These are just some of the common signs that indicate your dentures do not have the proper fit. The moment you notice any of these issues, it is best to see your dentist right away so they can realign or measure your mouth again for new and better-fitting dentures.
If you are looking for the best dentist Arlington, contact the team of Dr. Hossein Ahmadian at Arlington Advanced Dental Care. We treat every patient like family, that’s why the community entrusts us with their oral health.

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