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Know About Some Types of Fractures

Fracture of The Navicular Bone

The navicular bone is susceptible to fracture, whether that means in the tuberosity or primary body.

Fracture of The Tuberosity

Avulsion injuries occur from pulling on the Tibialis Posterior tendon near its point of insertion, often with young children present an accessory bone could mimic fractures that happen within tubercle and complicate diagnosis.


In general, a quick leg walk or elastic bandage may suffice as an initial course of treatment for children whose accessory bones cause them pain when exercising; in extreme cases however, removal may be required in case symptoms cannot be managed through immobilization with plaster or strapping alone.

Fracture of the Body

Navicular bone body fractures may either be transverse or vertical in direction. When cut, pieces may dislocate from each other or remain stationary within their sockets. When fragments dislocate from their positions, reduction with anesthesia may be performed to relocate them back in their original places, while below-knee plaster should be used as immobilization measures.

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