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Preventing Spring Cleaning Related Back Pain


Spring is in the air, which means for many that it is time to start cleaning the grime and dust from your home. Unfortunately, spring cleaning contributes to lower back pain for many people, making spring cleaning both difficult and tiring. Sweeping, moving furniture, reaching high to clean tall windows, performing repairs and more can lead to back pain.

Back pain is extremely common. Nearly 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time and is often caused by muscle strains and/or strains, ruptured discs and irritated joints. Although accidents and sports injuries are common causes of back pain, sometimes simple movements, such as picking up a small box from the floor, can lead to painful results. Other factors, such as poor posture, arthritis, obesity and stress can complicate or cause back pain. 

The good news is that even if you are susceptible to back pain while spring cleaning, there are measures you can take to limit injury to your spine, reducing back pain symptoms. Prevention only takes a few precautions that can save you a lot of discomfort and time long term.

Back Pain Prevention

Prior to starting your spring cleaning routine, adopt as many of these back pain prevention best practices as possible. Contact the best chiropractor in Tucker, GA today.

Warm up: Prior to diving into labor that might hurt your back, take some time to limber up your muscles. Begin at the neck and work your way down by doing stretching and light reps of exercise to enable your muscles and connective tissues to loosen, preparing for activity and lowering injury risk.

Take breaks: Stay in tune with your body, being mindful of any pain in your back. If you experience pain, take a break. If the pain continues, wait until tomorrow to get back to the task. To keep from overdoing it, plan to do your spring cleaning for several days instead of trying to get it all done quickly. And take scheduled breaks even if your back isn’t causing you any problems!

Use proper technique: Moving heavy objects should be moved with a cart and with assistance. Bend at the knees rather than the waist when lifting heavy things and avoid torqueing your back into positions that are unnatural.

Hydrate: Although it may not be all that warm outside, you can still lose plenty of fluid while exerting yourself during spring cleaning. You may not even realize it is time to replenish fluids! Dehydration can contribute to muscle injuries because the spine doesn’t receive all of the oxygenated blood it requires. Be sure to have a water bottle nearby when you work to ensure you stay hydrated.

Follow height safety protocol: If you need to paint the trim above your door jam, clean out the gutters or do any other tasks that require you to reach up, be sure to follow height safety measures. Ensure any ladders are stabilized before climbing and employ help. Fall injuries lead to many spinal injuries and back pain episodes annually. Take proper steps to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

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