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Role of Family Support in Patient care

Family members play a crucial role in the healing of patient and healthcare providers should involve them unless it is a minor illness. Studies show that family members support is essential as they can encourage patients to embrace the methods of treatment that the doctor recommends even when they might be unpleasant. They also offer much encouragement that patients require to continue with their treatment.  Caregivers and doctors will get better results from their treatment efforts if it involves the family for these reasons:

  1. Better knowledge of the patient status

Some family members of the patients know them better than anyone else hence can be a source of useful medical history that helps in diagnosis. Some patients withhold information that could play an essential to identify the likely cause of symptoms or some diseases they got in the past. A close member of that family will know free nursing essay about the secret, or the patient is ready to discuss it but not with a doctor fearing a reprimand or judgment. For example, a patient who suffers a severe allergic attack for taking some proteins against the advice of a doctor may be unwilling to discuss the cause of allergy. A brother, a sister or a parent to the patient is likely to know the information that a patient a person will not share, and if he informs the doctor, it will help to solve the riddle of symptoms.

  1. More leeway to encourage treatment

Some people suffer from depression after contracting a severe medical condition, and they develop a hostile attitude towards medical practitioners.   They vent their frustration and anger at the people who are nursing essay writing encouraging their treatment.   Family members can intervene by convincing the patient not feel shame for the sickness or avoid intensive treatment procedures such as chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

The hostile patients are likely to change their mind when they hear that the family members they value do not have a negative attitude about their illness or treatment procedures and are ready to safeguard them against the community.  An assurance about support from family throughout the treatment reenergizes a patient to face medical procedures and the likely side effects.

  1. Empathy

 The family provides a powerful healing tool if it comprises of individuals who are ready to listen to a patient talk without interruptions or making judgments.   It is therapeutic to patients when they hear that the loved ones understand what they feel.

  1. Provide positive reinforcement

People with various illnesses might harshly judge themselves and find a fault in everything.  Their families are essential in helping to remind their loved patient about their positive qualities and that they have many other reasons that make them valuable.

  1. Assistance with personal activities

 A sick or recovering person cannot perform many tasks.  It is troublesome if there is no one to help. Presence of dedicated family ensures that someone will help with specific chores that they are unable to perform well as before the illness. They also take the responsibility to ensure that patient takes medications and goes for appointments on time.

The family has a crucial role in uplifting the mood of patients for them to have positivity and energy that the body requires when healing. They help in creating a less stressful environment by making plans for walks, work out, movie or other favorite hobbies for that patients.

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