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The Best Low-Carb Fast Food Options for Lunch

A low carb diet can have major health benefits to your general health and well-being. Taking in fewer carbohydrates can significantly reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension and even cardiovascular disease. It has also been proven to help you burn fat faster while lowering your appetite without making you miserable.

Yet, for most people, it is not the diet itself they have a problem with; it is the time it takes to plan and put together the meals that holds most people back. With these easy to put together low carb fast food options, you no longer have an excuse not to go on that diet.

  1. Chipotle Chicken Salad

Ask for a no beans and no rice with the chicken chipotle. You may also want to avoid using the free dressing if you are buying the salad. If you can, get extra chicken since this will add a lot of calories to the salad. The average chipotle chicken salad without the beans, rice and dressing is around 630 calories and 7 carbs. If you feel you need more calories, you can add extra sour cream, extra cheese or chorizo.

  1. McDonald’s Big Mac (No Bun)

This is another low card fast food meal you can get quickly and that will not mess with your diet. It comes with two patties, melted cheese and the Big Mac sauce along with shredded lettuce. This bunless version of the Big Mac has only 330 calories and 6 carbs. It is delicious but may not be filling if you have a large appetite.

  1. The KFC Grilled Chicken with Buffalo Sauce & Green Beans

The crispy KFC grilled chicken has no carbs and is delicious. With a few more greens, it presents the perfect low carb lunch combination that will keep you full without messing with your diet. Two thighs, two drumsticks and a side of greens are in total 485 calories and 4 carbs. KFC also has a lot of other great low carb meals on their menu you can try.

  1. Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

This low carb fast food lunch comes with grilled chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan and two packets of Caesar dressing. It has up to 500 calories and 6 carbs in total. Adding another packet of dressing will make it tastier and add only 160 more calories and 2 carbs.

  1. Burger King Double Whopper (No Bun)

This bunless burger comes with two patties, tomato, pickles, mayo, lettuce and onions. In total it has 670 calories and 8 carbs, making it a filling lunch. Like most bunless burgers it offers more value by providing you with high calories and low carbs.

  1. McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

This meal comes with two beef patties, onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and a slice of cheese. At 60 calories and 10 carbs, it is pretty filling on its own although you can choose to add lettuce and bacon. You can also remove a further 4 carbs by cutting the ketchup.

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