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The Main Advances in History of Cosmetic Surgery

According to the recently conducted study by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, after the age of 35, nearly 40 % of American women address to different cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. It stands to reason that quite a low number of women are ready to simply accept inevitable changes caused by ageing. If we trace the history of cosmetic surgery, we will see that every period of time is defined by its own ways of enhancing women’s appearance. In this article, we will speak about the three remarkable ones.

Botox injections

The implementation of botox NYC for cosmetic purposes has revolutionized the existing ways of facial rejuvenation. Since 1978,  the time botulinum toxin was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the sphere of its application has significantly expanded. If initially botulinum was used to treat certain diseases connected with human nervous system, in 1992 it was firstly applied in cosmetology for eliminating wrinkles and frown lines on face.

The principle of its function is quite simple. While being injected, botulinum toxin locally temporary paralyzes the muscles’ function, and this results in immediate smoothing of injected area. Presently, the procedure of botox is one of the most effective and preferable ways to get rid of undesired wrinkles. The treatment is absolutely safe for a human organism, which can be confirmed thousands of procedures performed every day. Due to botox, presently, women have chance to significantly rejuvenate their face by eliminating wrinkles and frown lines without serious surgery involvement.

Breast augmentation

The first breast augmentation procedure was performed in 1962 at Texas, Jefferson Davis hospital in Houston. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2015, there were 279 143 breast augmentation procedures performed in America. Presently, the procedure ranks as the second most popular form of cosmetic surgery throughout the world.

The procedure of breast augmentation is, nowadays, performed with silicone implants and is aimed at several purposes. It can be performed not only to just enlarge the size, but also to restore the shape of sagging breast caused by significant weight loss or breastfeeding. The procedure is also frequently addressed by those women who have asymmetrical breasts to fix the problem.


Liposuction represents a form of cosmetic surgery, which is aimed at removing a certain quantity of fat in body. The procedure is the most commonly performed to reshape the following parts of body: belly, hips, thighs and buttocks. Despite the fact that for the first procedures of liposuction were developed and performed in Europe, it became overwhelmingly popular in the USA considering the large percentage of people suffering from excessive weight.

However, what is important to note is that liposuction is not a way to treat obesity, and cannot be addressed as an overall method of weight loss. The procedure is designed for those who want to change the contour of their body in certain problematic areas. There is also a myth that the procedure can help to remove cellulite, which is a completely false.

There exist several modern liposuction techniques, however, all of them are performed using a special instrument named cannula, which represents a hollow tube. The cannula is connected to a vacuum, which suctions the fat from the body. Tumescent liposuction represents a most popular form of the procedure, during which, a sterile solution is injected into the problematic area. The solution involves saline (the salted water, lidocaine and epinephrine), and it enables to suction the fat with less blood loss.

Another technique is called ultrasound-assisted liposuction, during which sound waves are applied under the skin to destroy the cell walls of the fat. In spite of the popularity of the procedure, among other forms of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is considered by one of the riskiest ones, as there is a high risk of further scars and infections.

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