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Tips to Organize Your Linen Closet


If you have ever had to dig through a linen closet to find something, only to have a heap of blankets fall over – or worse, on you, then you understand the need for a well-organized linen closet. Linen closets have a tendency to become more like junk drawers in our homes for everything bath and bed related. With just a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can get your linen closet in order.

Get Rid of Items that are Non-Essential

How many sets of twin sheets do you really need for the one twin bed in your house? Or how often do you use that green and blue tie dye set anymore? Chances are that you do not use a majority of what is in your linen closet. Rather than finding a place to shove your unwanted items, donate them. Organizing is a lot easier when your unwanted junk is gone.

Freshen Up

Prior to stacking and organizing your linens, it is wise to freshen everything in your closet. Wash and clean items prior to stacking and organizing them, this way you know that your linens are freshly cleaned. If you want to be extra savvy, iron your sheets after drying them and fold them so they stay wrinkle free while stacked in your closet.

Sort and Organize

Categorize your linens and sort and organize them accordingly. You can organize by size, type or location. Separate your sheets by space if you have specific sets of sheets and linens that go to certain rooms in your house. But if they are more versatile, perhaps organizing them by color, type or size is a better idea for your home. Reusable Velcro cable wraps come in hands for this.

Organize your beach towels, table runners, quilts and the like separately.

Use Bins and Baskets

Bins and baskets can be helpful when it comes to storing different types and sizes of linens, ensuring everything is easy to locate. Use straw and wire baskets, fabric boxes, cloth bins or something similar.

Storage Pouches Help Too

If you have items that can’t be stored in a basket or box, use storage pouches to store items. Pull out that plastic zippered duvet bag you were hesitant to save and use it to hold your duvet or spare pillows.

Space saving bags are also a great option for hefty bedding. You can suck the air out and it will morph into a neat little square, saving boatloads of room.

Label, Label, Label

Whether you label your baskets or your individual sets of sheets, labeling will help you to identify sheets and blankets of various sizes. Velcro stickers are appropriate for adhering to boxes and bins or even sheets so you can easily remove them and/or change them out. Being able to distinguish between your king and queen size sheets at one glance will make it much easier to locate what you are looking for. This also helps you to identify where exactly those washed sheets need to go when you put them away.

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