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Ways on How to Boost your Fertility

One of the most important aspects of any smooth relationship is sexual intimacy. Along with this, a factor that affects the sexual performance as well as family planning among a couple is the level of fertility. In simple terms, it is the ability of the woman to conceive and bring a new life in this world. Since every woman dreams to be a mother someday, keeping good levels of fertility is very important.

According to researchers, many women of almost all ages suffer from low levels of fertility and needs ways and ideas to improve it. This guide below will give you easy, simple and safe ways to boost the fertility levels and find the good news soon. Check them out and follow regularly.

How To Boost Your Fertility

Control The Weight

One of the simple yet a difficult task that needs to be achieved for triggering the fertility levels is to keep a check on the weight. With the unhealthy lifestyle and other external factors the problems of obesity is becoming a common trend among women.

Control the WeightIt is very important to eat a balanced diet as well as follow all the other options for weight control and to keep it balanced if you want to achieve your goals.

Keep A Track Of The Menstrual Cycles

Another of the important things to do when you plan to work on the improvement of the fertility levels is to track down the monthly cycles and keep them regular.

Keep a Track of the Menstrual CyclesThis will bring into your notice the day of ovulation. All you need to do is subtract 14 from the cycle period and get the day of ovulation in hand. This is one of the effective ways to work on for proper fertility.

Regular Sex At The Peak Time

Once you know about the day when the egg will release, you need to ensure good and regular sex on those days. This is one interesting and mind blowing way of triggering your fertility levels.

The next five days from the day of ovulation is the peak time for having sex and getting positive results.

Quit Smoking

There might be innumerable reasons why you should completely stay away from smoking but then one of the main ones is that it has negative effects on the fertility and kills the eggs.

Quit SmokingIt also leads to the ageing of the ovaries and thus hampers the levels of fertility. Quit smoking at once, if your aim is to achieve good fertility.

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Increase Folic Acid Intake

Folic acid can really help in improving fertility in women. The idea is to either adhere to foods that has good levels of this nutrient or else take in safe supplements after proper recommendation from your doctor.

Increase Folic Acid IntakeSuper Foods

There are some super foods that are known to trigger fertility if consumed on a regular basis. Goji berries and kombucha drinks are some of the effectual ones. The vitamins and minerals they supply to the body are unsurpassed.

Super FoodsOrgasm Often

One of the other interesting ways to boost the fertility and something that you are going to love is frequent orgasm. This is definitely going to help you to improve the levels of conception and get better results.

In simple words, have fun and gratifying sex to get through your goals successfully.

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