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What are the top sponsored content/stories marketing platform?

Content marketing platform (CMP) is the software solution that enables marketers to get awareness, leads and generate revenue from content. CMP allows data-driven, multi-channel and scalable approach across these four process areas:

  • Strategy
  • Production
  • Distribution (publication and promotion)
  • Analytics

Sponsored content refers to paid ads that are incredibly cohesive with page content that assimilates into a design and becomes consistent with the behavior of a platform that viewers feel they belong.

 Sponsored content/stories amount to advertizing on media outlets in the form of an editorial content that appears like it is part of it.  Brands value this form of marketing because association with publications and exposure to best premium writing services audience helps to drive more traffic, leads, and conversions.

These are the top sponsored content/stories marketing platform

  1. CMO by Adobe

Adobe content hub is a brilliant example of a targeted platform for brand post promotion to benefit the consumers.  It thrives because of the interface is well-designed, and the content is of superior quality.   It also has plenty of visual materials that encourage spending more time to browse the website.

  1. Buffer App Blog

 BufferApp is a convenient application allowing users to optimize the way they place posts on the social networks. It is also one of the efficient and straightforward platforms for marketing content. It develops engaging and informative posts despite having a blog that does not have an extraordinary impressive design.  For example, the blog post on the optimal length for a social media update and more saw reader post the article on social networks more than 2000 times in less than 24 hours.  Most popular platforms cannot get close to such popularity of the materials.

  1. GE Reports

GE reports positions itself as a leading General Electric online daily.   A quick glance at the content as well as the platform structure shows that it has an authority to speak with pride about itself.  Content is a crucial feature of GE Reports platform whose specialty is to science, modern technology and innovation with eye-catching animations, infographics and video clips.

  1. Intel IQ

 Stories of ordinary people are the distinctive feature of this platform. They narrate their experience with modern technology.  An intuitive interface makes Intel IQ extremely popular among consumers/ It also has a unique approach in the writing of articles. It creates an effect of full immersion in the process of interacting with technology.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot offers integrated marketing software that has been providing valuable content to users since its establishment.  It now has a subscription of more than 300,000 and over a million followers on various social networks.  Sponsored content will reach this large number of audience increasing the reach by marketers.

The reason for success by Hubspot is that it creates content with answers to most of the questions by users of its products. The staff relies on the support of the target audiences in the same way that scholarly writing services rely on the professional skills of their writers.     It is still a robust strategy for content and story marketing strategy to strengthen the position by Hubspot as an opinion leader in marketing software.

 Many marketing platforms are available to assist in creating quality content, publication, distribution and tracking the results.  It helps to experiment with the top sponsored content and stories marketing platform to determine that which generates the best results.

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